Selected Publications, Conference Presentations, and Manuscripts

(submitted) Stripping Structures with Negation in Persian. Proceedings of the 1st North American Conference in Iranian Linguistics (NACIL1), Advances in Iranian Linguistics I, John Benjamins Publications. [You can read the draft here]

(2019) On the Structure of Persian Why-stripping, Colloquium talk at the Linguistics Department, California State University, Fresno, April 25.

(2019) On the syntax of why-stripping in Persian, the Second North American Conference in Iranian Linguistics (NACIl2), at the University of Arizona, April 19-21. [Handout]

(2019) Two types of why in syntax: Evidence from Persian why-stripping, Sluicing and Ellipsis at 50, at the University of Chicago, April 12-13.

(2019) Why-stripping in Persian at the Syntax Seminar at UCLA Department of Linguistics, January 15.

(2018) Ellipsis and Information Structure: Evidence from Persian. Ph.D. Dissertation. Stony Brook University.

(2018) Markedness and Coda Conditions in Azeri. Proceedings of the 10th Altaic Formal Linguistics (WAFL10), eds. Theodore Levin and Ryo Masuda. MIT Working Papers in Linguistics 87: 229-240.

(2018) Object Ellipsis in Persian. Poster presentation at the 92nd Annual Meeting of Linguistics Society of America (LSA). Salt Lake City, UT, January 4-7. [With Nazila Shafiei].

(2017) Ellipsis in Persian: Verb Phrase Ellipsis or Argument Ellipsis? Presented at the 1st North American Conference in Iranian Linguistics (NACIL1), Stony Brook University, April 28-30. [With Nazila Shafiei]

(2016) Missing Objects in Persian. In Further Topics in Iranian Linguistics: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Iranian Linguistics. eds. Jila Ghomeshi, Carina Jahani, and Agnès Lenepveu-Hotz. Peeters Publishers, Cahiers de Studia Iranica series 58: 157-174.

(2009) Low Vowels Block Dorsey’s Law in Farsi Loans. Ms., California State University, Fresno.